Welcome to “DEVILCASE Mobile Phone Accessories Store” (Hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). “DEVILCASE Mobile Phone Accessories store” is operated by “DEVILCASE Co., Ltd.”. When you register or begin using member services provided by the “Service”, you are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of the “Service” (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Service”). The “Terms of Service” is to regulate the contract between you and the owner of the “Service”. If you do not agree with the content of this agreement, or your country or region excludes a part of or all the contents of this agreement, you should immediately stop using the “Service”.

If you are a minor under the age of twenty, you must ask your parents or guardians to read the “Terms of Service” and obtain their consent before joining the membership before you can register and use the “Services”. When you use the “Service”, it is deemed that your parents or guardians have read, understood, and agreed to the “Terms of Service”.


A.Your Registration Obligations

  1. When registering, please enter your correct, true, and complete personal information according to the items prompted in the registration. When your personal information changes, please update it immediately, to ensure your information is correct. If you infringe the rights of others or violate the law because you entered false information or fraudulently use other people’s names, you shall bear legal responsibility.
  2. If the personal information you provide is false, or if it has changed but has not been updated so that it does not match the original registered information, “This Service” has the right to terminate your membership and various member services at any time. 

B.Membership Services

  1. After your registration is completed and “this Service” is completed, you will be eligible for membership of “this service”.
  2. When you become a member of the “Service” you can use the various member services, the ownership of the service still belongs to the “Service” and the person agreed upon by you. Members can only use it following the “Terms of Service”. You may not rent, lend, transfer, or allow a third party to use it.
  3. “This Service” has the right to add, change or cancel all or part of the related systems of functions in the member service without individual notification to the member; all existing or future services are subject to the “Terms of Service.”

C.Custody of Member Accounts and Passwords

  1. After your registration is completed, you are obliged to keep your account and password confidential, and not disclose it to any third party. You must be responsible for all actions of this account and password. All actions of this account shall be regarded as your actions.
  2. Your account and password are for your own personal use, and you may not rent, lend, transfer, or allow third-party usage.
  3. If you find that your account and password have been stolen or used improperly, you must immediately notify the “Service” so that the “Service” may take the relevant measures. However, the measures taken by the “Service” shall not be interpreted as an express or implied guarantee or liability for you by the “Service”, and the “Service” shall not be liable for any compensation for the illegal use of your account and password.
  4. After each use, you should log out and end the use of your account and password, to prevent password theft by others.

D.Member Obligations

  • The member agrees to accept the member e-newsletter sent by the “Service”. If you do not want to receive the newsletter, please notify us as soon as possible and the newsletter subscription will be canceled. In addition to complying with the “Terms of Service”, you agree to abide by the various service business regulations of the “Service” and the relevant provisions of the International Internet usage practices and etiquette, and agree not to engage in the following behaviors:
  1. Steal, modify, or delete other people’s information.
  2. Copy the information of other’s for resale or repost without authorization.
  3. Send electronic advertising letters to the other party’s mailbox without their consent.
  4. Deliberately destroying other’s emails or communication equipment.
  5. Spread computer viruses.
  6. Remarks that violate public order and good morals.
  7. Retrieve resources that are not officially open or authorized by the owner.
  8. Infringement on the intellectual property rights or other rights of others or are in danger of infringement.
  9. Collect others’ email addresses and other personal data without consent.
  10. Usage of any image, text, sound, or video that is indecent or violates the bounds of decency.
  11. Transmitting, posting, or publishing any false news or advertisements.
  12. Other situations or concerns that may endanger communications or violate laws and regulations
  • The regulations above do not mean that this “Service” conducts any form or review of members, and members must be responsible for their actions. If the “Service” discovers or is complained about by others that a member has violated the paragraphs above or is concerned, the “Service” has the right to remove or delete the content and terminate or suspend the membership and various member services. If the “Service” causes any damage or loss as a result, you may request compensation from the member.

E.Child and Youth Protection

  • Due to a large amount of information on the Internet, there will inevitably be information that is not suitable for children and young adults, such as violence, pornography, or criminal information. To protect children and young adults from the influence of inappropriate information, parents or guardians must fulfill the following obligations:
  1. Children or young adults must check their friendship status and privacy protection policies when they use “this Service”
  2. For young adults over 12 years old but under 18 years old, they should avoid contact with information that contains violence, pornography, or encouragement of crimes; for children under 12 years old, they should be accompanied at all times on the Internet to avoid access to inappropriate information. If you are concerned about your child’s use of our website, we recommend you use web-filtering technology to supervise your child’s access to our website.  

F.Service Suspension or Interruption

  • The “Service” may suspend or interrupt all or part of the “Service” in one of the following situations, and the user shall not be liable for any compensation:
  1. When the system equipment is migrated, replaced, or maintained.
  2. Service suspension or interruption caused by “this Service” is not attributable.
  3. Service suspension or interruption caused by force majeure clauses.
  • If it is necessary to suspend or interrupt all or part of the service due to migration, replacement, or maintenance of system equipment related to the “Service” by the “Service”, the “Service” will be notified by email or in the “Service” before the suspension or interruption.
  • About the suspension or interruption of the “Service”, it may cause inconvenience to your usage, loss of data, or other losses. You should take appropriate measures to protect your rights.

G.Use of Internet Resources

  1. The Internet is an open network maintained by various network providers. The “Service” cannot provide users with information on the correctness, integrity, security, reliability, suitability, and will not be responsible for disconnection and errors, and does not guarantee the data transmission rate between the user and the “Service”. If the customer causes direct or indirect damage or loss due to the transmission rate or the retrieval of network data, the “Service” will not be liable for any damages.
  2. the authorization of the owner of the network information or other legal requirements, otherwise, the resource shall not be used. Any liability caused by this is the user’s own responsibility and has nothing to do with the “Service” Any resources that can be retrieved on the “Service” network belong to the owner of the data, and the user should abide by


H.Measures and Restrictions on Member Services

  1. You agree that “this Service” has the right to set relevant measures and restrictions on “this Service”
  2. If the “Service” deletes or does not save any messages and content sent by members, the “Service” does not bear any liability for damages, and you should back up your data regularly.
  3. “This Service” may change the measures and restrictions at any time due to business considerations. The aforementioned changes will not be announced or notified to members individually.
  4. If there are reasons that are not attributable to the services that cause the service to be unable to inoperable, including but not limited to technical problems, criminal acts, natural disasters, and other force majeure that damage or affect the performance, safety, fairness of the service, within the scope permitted by the law, this service may be canceled, terminated, modified or suspended at any time, or restrict your use of all services, or one service.

I.Information and Suggestions

  • All or part of the information that appears in the “Service” may be temporarily unavailable due to malfunction or failures of the “Service”, other third-party vendors and related telecom operators’ network systems, or cause data transmission errors, or suffer a third-party hack into the system to modify or forge data…etc.; therefore, uses should be particularly cautious when reading or using the information that appears on the “service”, including various data, suggestions, analysis, comments, and reports. Such information does not represent the remarks or opinions of the “Service”, and the “Service” cannot guarantee its authenticity, completeness, and credibility. All information and links of the “Service” are only to provide users with their own research or reference. They are not to make any relevant professional suggestions or hints to the users. When making any specific decisions, users should make their own judgments carefully. Any decision made by users based on any information on the “Service” must be at their own risk, and the “Service” is not responsible.

J.Links to Third Party Websites

  • The links between the “Service” and other websites are only to provide users with information that is convenient, and easy to access. The information you obtain through the exchange is provided by third-party websites and does not mean that the “Service” and the operator of the linked websites have any partnership. If you have disputes or damages caused by arriving at the website, please contact the operator of the website directly, and the “Service” shall not be liable.


  1. "This Service"does not guarantee the correctness, safety, reliability, appropriateness, timeliness, stability, or the disconnection and error of all services. You agree to back up the files and other data that you sent. Regarding the loss of files or other materials due to the transmission process," this Service" does not bear any guarantee or responsibility.
  2. "For the files and other materials, you download in the "Service", you should consider the risks. If the download causes damage to your computer system or loss of data in your computer, the "Service" does not assume any responsibility.

L.Intellectual Property Rights

  • The software, programs, and content (including but not limited to text, descriptions, drawings, pictures, graphics, files, page design, website planning, and arrangements…etc.) used or provided on the “Service” patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights belong to the “Service” or other right holders. Without the prior written authorization and consent of the right holder, members may not reproduce, publicly disseminate, publicly broadcast, publicly screen, remake, edit, rent, distribute, perform restoration engineering, decompilation, reverse assembly, or use in other ways. If there is a violation, in addition to the legal responsibility, if the result is damage or loss to the “Service”, the “Service” may request damages from the member.

M.Update and Modification of Terms of Service

  • If the “Terms of Service” is updated or modified, you agree to be bound by the revised terms when they are announced in the “Service”, and the “Service” will not notify members individually. If you continue to use the “Service” after the announcement, you are deemed to have agreed to the revised terms.

N.Governing Law and Court of Competent Jurisdiction

  • Regarding the interpretation or application of the “Terms of Service”, the laws of the Republic of China shall be the applicable law. Disputes between members and the “Service” due to the use of the “Service” are agreed to be resolved with the principle of good faith. If litigation is necessary, the Hsinchu District Court of first instance jurisdiction.