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Order Progress

Will COVID-19 affect my orders?
  • Given the recent situation of COVID19 around the world, logistics transportation, and global delivery services will be liable to delays. Shipping times are likely to be lengthened, so please be patient, as we will work hard to get your order to you quickly and safely.

Can I change the color/model of my order? 
  • Sorry, I’m afraid not. But you can cancel your order and re-order the correct item, and we’ll get it to you as soon as possible. 

How long will it take to receive my product?
  • It takes 3-5 working days to produce a colored back or special back for your case, so after your order has been completed, we will ship the product to you immediately.
  • For our international orders, shipping times take around 14-20 working days. Please do keep in mind COVID-19, and also customs clear times. Some couriers may have delays, and or shipping troubles. 
  • Please note, working days do not include Saturdays or Sundays, or any day which is a national holiday.

How do I check on my order progress?
  • After ordering the product, the member can click on Order Tracking after logging in, and the latest status of your order will be shown on the page.
  • Preparing your Order (Your order has been established, but not confirmed)
  • Order Confirmed (Your order has been completed, and your product is currently being made)
  • Order Shipped (Your order has been sent out, and is in transit)
  • Transaction Failed (Your order has not been completed, please re-order your product)

The two pre-order items in my order have different shipping dates. Can you ship one of them first?
  • If you do want them to ship separately, please note that there would be two shipping charges. If you still wish for one to be sent first, please contact customer service, at and we will find a solution that is satisfactory for you.

How do I track my Order Progress?
  • For the shipment progress, you can check in “My Account>Order Info

How do I cancel an order? 
  • Before your order is shipped, please write to Customer Service, and we will handle it for you. 


Return Instructions
  • Please refer to “Return Policy>Return Instructions.”

When will I receive the refunds? 
  • When we receive your returned goods and confirm that they have no traces of use, and we will complete the refund for you within 7-14 working days. An email will be sent to notify you when the refund is complete. 

It shows that the refund is complete but I have not received the money yet. 
  • If this happens, please write to us to inform us of your situation, and please provide your order number, and billing problems, and we will help you sort it out.

Problems with the Product

The product that I received looks different from the product that I ordered.
  • Each screen is presented differently, so there will generally be a 15-20% reasonable color difference, and the chromatic aberration problem of printing may also be shown. Each monitor has a certain color difference, and there are some colors in the display that cannot be printed.
  • The company tries its best to provide excellent printing quality and service. A printing color difference is normal within a reasonable range. If you are very concerned about whether there is a color difference, please consider it before placing an order.

There is something wrong with my order or my case. Who should I contact?
  • In case of any problems, please contact customer service at , and we will do our best to resolve your problems for you.