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DEVILCASE Guardian II Dirtproof and Stain Resistant Test

by Queenie , 2021.02.01


A Great Leap Forward in Stain Resistance 


When it comes to the Guardian II, the frame material was changed to “Liquid Silicone”, which is easy to clean, waterproof, and stain resistant. Therefore, with this Liquid Silicone bumper, you don’t need to worry about the difficulty of cleaning your frame.
Now, let us put the Guardian II to the test, and see how it exhibited high performance in stain resistance and stain repellency.


Test 1: Spray Paint (Paint) 
Test 2: Ink (Water Based Dye)
Test 3: Soy Sauce (Oil Stains)
Test 4: Mascara (Cosmetics)

Test 5: Dirt and Sand (Dust Stains)
Test 6: Sharpie (Oil Based Dye)




Test 1: Spray Paint 


The first test that we have is spray paint. In addition to pigments, there are oily resins and solvents. These components adhere firmly and have high intensity coloring properties. We use it as a representative of “stubborn” pigments. Let us see if the Guardian II can withstand this test. 




We sprayed paint on the frame, and left it there for 24 hours to allow the paint to dry and stick. Then we try to remove the paint after a day. As shown in the picture, even if the spray paint stays on the surface of the frame for a long time, we just used water and a sponge to remove it. Even spray paint can be removed after a day. What other stains can stick on it? This shows that the anti-fouling ability of the Guardian II is really powerful! 


Test 2: Ink (Water Based Dye) 




We used the ink with the deepest color dye as a representative. The Guardian and Guardian II are both soaked in ink for a day, and then rinsed for comparison. As you can see in the video below, even if you use a white case frame, you don’t have to worry about staining from ink. We can see that in the case of the Guardian II, the ink does not completely adhere to the surface, and will disperse when rinsed and scrubbed with water. The reason for that is because stains of water-based dyes such as water-based ball pens, coloring pens, will not work on the surface of liquid silicone. The liquid silicone surface forms a water-proof hydrophobic seal, which then allows marks to be easily removed by rinsing and scrubbing with water! 





Test 3: Soy Sauce (Oil Stains)



Using your phone while eating is something that most people do in your daily lives. But still, accidents do happen sometimes, and maybe you get soy sauce, or olive oil, or use oily hands to touch your phone. The Guardian II frame has the characteristics of stain resistance and anti-fouling, even if we soak it in soy sauce for a day. Even after a day, it is still easy to remove the stains from the frame. Even a white frame looks like new after a good rinse! 




Test 4: Mascara



Girls know that getting cosmetics on everyday items can really make people break down! These types of makeup stains can be particularly difficult to clean, because cosmetics contain oil and pigments, which easily penetrate into objects. The Guardian II helps you to solve the problem. Just wash it with water. Then, mascara stains and lipstick stains will be easily washed off. 



Test 5: Dirt and Sand (Dust Stains) 



If you drop your phone while hiking, or even on your lawn, there might be dirt and sand. If your case is covered in dirt, mud, and dust, wouldn’t you feel a little bit annoyed? When using the Guardian II, just shake off what you can, and wash it with water to restore it to its original appearance! 



Test 6: Sharpie (Oil Based Dye)



The final test is the sharpie. You might have an experience of getting sharpie stains on your hands, clothes, or paper. You want to get rid of it, but you just can’t. The marks of the sharpie are difficult to remove because they are oily, and they dry relatively quickly. We used a sharpie to draw on the frame of the Guardian II, rinsed it with water, and wiped it lightly. Finally, it’s back to normal! 



Light Colors Can Also Be Very Durable 


After seeing the tests above, do you feel that the anti-fouling and dirt resistance have been greatly improved?
In case of dirt or stains -> Just rinse with clean water, and it’ll be good as new. The process of cleaning and maintaining the Guardian II is simple. However, every product does have their life span. If you want to extend the life span of the Guardian II, we recommend that you should clean it immediately if it has been stained.

For customers who wish to use a light-colored case and worry about getting it dirty, the DEVILCASE Guardian II is the best choice for you. Exceeding your expectations, light colors can also be very durable. In the newly released twelve colors, there are eight light color choices to choose from, so hurry up and get started! 


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